Global Locations

Sidus Energy started from Silicon Valley, USA,
focusing on the global market.
Our sales network covers America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. At the same time, we have set up localization branches in the United States,
Germany and Japan, which can provide high-quality and convenient localization services to customers in the corresponding regions.
Four regions:
Nantong, China、Zagreb, Europe、Toronto, Canada、silicon vally.

Before and after sales

Wholeheartedly satisfy customers all the way.

SidusEnergy thinks what customers think, thinks what customers don't think, and puts customers' interests first. By constantly improving customer service process system and service support network, SidusEnergy quickly responds to the needs of global customers, analyzes and locates the root causes of problems in time, and formulates effective solutions and preventive improvement measures, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with customers. SidusEnergy provides complete pre-sales and after-sales services to customers all over the world, including product recommendation, cooperation planning, business support, logistics support, on-site service response and so on. With a global distribution of localized service team, we 24/7 to provide customers with professional, efficient and caring service support.

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Customer satisfaction and trust are the power source to promote the development of Sidus Energy. We pay attention to customer needs, listen to customers' voices, and provide timely, professional and caring service support for customers. If you have any needs or questions, please write to to contact us.
Sidus Energy Global Headquarters
48820 Kato Road #600B, Fremont, CA94538, USA

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Sidus Energy is committed to enabling every employee to improve their professional skills and meet their own career development plans on Sidus platform.

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1. Pay attention to employees' physical and mental health: regular physical examination, safety production training, establishment of safety system and strengthening of risk management;

2. Growth and development: regular training of various vocational skills and regular career planning training;

3. Employee benefits: perfect salary system, high-quality office environment, rich holiday benefits, humanized enterprise management and relaxed working atmosphere.

4. Tolerance: A diversified talent team and an inclusive working atmosphere can enhance employees' enthusiasm and potential.