Strategic Partnership

Sidus Energy and IBM

Sidus Energy is excited to have LEO battery technology originated from IBM. As the world's leading technology company, IBM has a long history in the field of battery and materials research. In 2009, IBM launched Battery 500 project to develop a new generation of lithium batteries. In 2019, IBM announced the breakthrough of a new revolutionary battery system, which is free of cobalt and heavy metals, and the cathode material can be extracted from seawater. In September 2019, Sidus signed the technology transfer and joint development agreement with IBM, started the commercialization endeavor of the revolutionary battery technology.

Sidus LEO Battery Technology

Sidus LEO Battery Technology is the revolutionary new cobalt-free battery electrochemistry from IBM, and its continued advancement.

Research and Development Powered by AI

IBM Research combined a vast number of new technologies such as Materials Science, Molecular Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Advanced Battery Test Equipment and AI Computer Simulation, and leveraged catalytic expertise in many areas from plastic recycling to semiconductor manufacturing, and finally achieved the fundamental material innovation in this AI era. The research team used Semantic Enrichment AI Technology to identify safer and better materials to further optimize battery performance. With Machine Learning Technology, researchers gain insights from massive data, validate predictions in experiments, and determine next steps, ultimately accelerating the pace of innovation.