Revolutionary Technology


Competitive Advantages

Sidus innovative cobalt-free XEO batteries transcend the chemical design limitations inherent in conventional Li-ion battery cathodes, heralding a new era where abundant earth materials can be harnessed for sustainable green energy storage. These readily-scalable XEO batteries seamlessly integrate with existing manufacturing infrastructure and offer versatility with a range of anodes, including graphite, silica/carbon, and Li metal, catering to diverse downstream application requirements.
XEO batteries exemplify remarkable industry-leading performance, showcasing characteristics such as:

Moreover, Sidus' groundbreaking LEO battery from IBM features transition-metal free cathodes, potentially enabling direct processing from seawater. Initial LEO battery samples have demonstrated remarkable attributes including high energy density, extended cycle life, and rapid charging capabilities (≥10C), even in frigid temperatures as low as -30 ℃.