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Application scenario

A variety of application scenarios, the same will show its edge.

With the GWh-class production line being put into production one after another, the future production capacity of Sidus Energy will achieve a qualitative leap. We will take into account the two target markets of "large-scale products" and "differentiated products", and develop high-performance lithium battery products suitable for different application scenarios for four categories of customers: "micro-consumption ( < 1Ah), consumption (> 1Ah), energy storage small power and power", so as to fully meet the needs of customers. Compared with the common products such as Ferrous lithium phosphate, lithium manganate, ternary lithium and lithium cobaltate, Sidus Energy's LEO electrochemical lithium battery products have a wider range of application scenarios, and can be generally adapted to: 3C digital products (such as mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), energy storage (base station energy storage, household energy storage, etc.), mobile power supplies, power tools, drones, new energy vehicles, electric balance cars, electric two-wheeled vehicles, security monitoring, etc.
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