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June 17, 2024 - MILIPITAS, CALIFORNIASidus Energy, a leading battery technology company has announced commercial availability of its truly environmentally and socially responsible energy storage systems (ESS), dubbed as “NEO”.

The NEO ESS product line is a good choice when longevity and stability are key. It comes with global regulatory compliance and is backed by an industry-leading warranty of up to 15 years.

The NEO ESS product line addresses both commercial and residential energy storage applications. The commercial ESS products include NEO Modula, NEO Potentia, NEO Industria and NEO Magnum, with capacity up to 5 MWh.  The residential ESS line comes with NEO Minima, NEO Casa, and NEO Tota, with capacity range from 5 KWh to 25 KWh.

Sidus Energy will showcase the NEO ESS products at Booth 6-B76 in Battery Show Europe, June 18- June 20,  in Stuttgart, Germany.

“Sidus Energy is proud to be at the forefront of battery technology that will help accelerate market adoption and energy sustainability.”  said Dr. Shelly Deng, CEO of Sidus Energy. “We are very happy to provide the NEO product line of battery energy storage systems to global customers with best-in-class safety, reliability and sustainability.”

All products are immediately available and ready to accept sales orders. For more information, please visit, or contact

About Sidus Energy

Sidus Energy Limited is a technology company commercializing the revolutionary cobalt-free battery technology from IBM. The breakthrough technology uses novel proprietary materials that totally eliminate the use of any heavy metals. It is not only more environmentally friendly and cost effective, but also has excellent performance in charging time, extended temperature operation, high energy and power density, and cycle life. Our vision is a greener world powered by Sidus batteries. We are expanding globally and are building a diverse and collaborative team of talents to create a better greener world.