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JULY 30, 2021 - FREMONT, CALIFORNIA – Sidus Energy, a leading battery technology company, announced that it has successfully produced a new battery called “NEO” when combining its proprietary active materials technology with a LFP platform.  The NEO coin cell battery has demonstrated superior performance in all aspects than LFP batteries in the initial testing.  

The NEO battery is expected to have higher energy density and faster charge time than LFP batteries, but with similar manufacturing cost of LFP.  

“Sidus Energy is excited with the discovery of this new battery technology,” said Shelly Deng, CEO of Sidus Energy. “The NEO battery will certainly shorten the time for our battery product to the market.”

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About Sidus Energy

Sidus Energy Limited is a technology company commercializing the revolutionary cobalt-free battery technology from IBM. The breakthrough technology uses novel proprietary materials that totally eliminate the use of any heavy metals. It is not only more environmentally friendly and cost effective, but also has excellent performance in charging time, extended temperature operation, high energy and power density, and cycle life. Our vision is a greener world powered by Sidus batteries. We are expanding globally and are building a diverse and collaborative team of talents to create a better greener world.